It’s hard for non-Americans to imagine what it’s like to be an American today. Just under half of those of us who voted are ecstatic, and just over half are devastated. It’s a testament to how broken our country is that many of us on either side have literally never had a conversation with anyone they know to be on the other side. In spite of a pretty active professional and social life, I do not believe I know a single Trump supporter. That’s just remarkable. And a pretty big problem.

I’m grateful that, unlike Germany in the 1930s, our democratic system of government has nearly 250 years’ history, tradition, and accreted bureaucratization. The President may be the most powerful man in the world, and may command tremendous resources and power. But s/he nonetheless faces significant limits in her (or, sadly, his) range of motion.

I don’t believe that Donald Trump will do any of the most horrific things he promised to do. I don’t believe there will be a wall. I don’t believe he will ban Muslims from entering our country. I don’t believe he will round up and deport immigrants. And I’m grateful that, notwithstanding what we did yesterday, I simply don’t believe that he could do those things, even if he wanted to.

He’ll do some damage, sure, but I don’t believe the most catastrophic and dire predictions I’m reading/hearing. (And I pray that I’m right.)

We have a long, hard road ahead of us here.

Wish us luck.

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