Marching orders

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I want your help. Not – necessarily – in bringing the fantasy to fruition. Though maybe that, too. But for now, I want your help in prurience.

I want you to indulge me in the fantasy.

First, tell me what would be hot for you – what you would look for in a woman or women whom you might wish to join us. Show me pictures of women who appeal to you, dressed as you would find sexy. Send me profiles of women who appeal to you – on Tinder, on OKCupid, wherever.

I want you to set your Tinder settings to show you women. If you’re on OKC, I want you to shop there as well.

And then, I want you to pursue the possibility. Your role is as my servant, my slut, my procurer. I want you to approach women – women who appeal to you, who you think will appear to me. I want you to share the interactions with me. The screen shots of their profiles, of your back-and-forth with them. This could mean introducing yourself as such – as the slut of a dominant guy, working to bring about a fantasy of his. It could feature greater subtlety.

I’m not asking you to be deceptive. You may disclose exactly as much as you wish at exactly the moment you wish, in exactly the way you wish. You may experiment, try different approaches.

But you are my slut through this.

Your job is to get my dick hard – and keep it hard – not just by interacting with me, but by seeking to procure others to interact with me, with you.

The ultimate goal may well be a threesome, or foursome, or more. But the main goal, for now, is just to get and keep me hard as you engage with the task. The mere fact of your engagement will make my cock hard. Anything else? Will make it that much harder.

I’m enlisting your help in being the architect of an evening with me and you and one or three or five others.

And I want, to the greatest extent possible, for this to get – and keep – you wet, throughout. So at any point, if it doesn’t, I want to know that. I want to know how, why it turns you on. When, how it turns you off.

Are you game?

If you are, simply reply with a photo of your thighs spread for me, dressed. If you aren’t, that’s fine, send me a photo of your thighs closed.

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