Imagination (captain’s wheel)


I am in one last moment of privacy for the day, dripping from the shower, and unfortunately I will have to wait to read your long email, and I will just have to deal with the suspense.

Dripping, you say….?

From N …

How lovely! (May I see?)

You’ll have to use your imagination a bit [includes photo of self in denim shorts and t-shirt, midriff just bare]

I’m not sure you can handle my imagination.

Really?! I’d like to try.

I’ll bet you would.

But here’s the thing: it involves, at a minimum, some equipment that may not actually be physically possible. I’m thinking a sort of chrome captain’s wheel to which you would be affixed, nude, spread-eagle. And that would rotate and adjust in all dimensions, so, for example, I could raise you so you, upside down, might receive my cock in your mouth. Or, tilt you forward so I could fuck you from behind. Or flip you over, and fuck you from in front. Or spin you, and fuck your face.

Also? It should have a vibrating center piece, likely not affixed to the rims in any visible way, that stimulates your ass and clit and cunt as I wish.

Plus, scotch.

That’s for starters.

My imagination is working overtime on handling your imagination. It’s a big job … even just this one Vitruvian-woman-esque scenario presents a lot of separate new (slightly bewildering) experiences for me to consider. This has kept my pussy aching.

The captain’s wheel, or how to give up that much control. My brain seems intent on taking the idea seriously, despite the physical limits to building this device.

Also, scotch is good.


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