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At least one user has reported that my comments subscriptions aren’t working, that she doesn’t get notified when follow-up comments are made and she’s subscribed to the comments on a post. ¬†Have you had problems with the workings of this blog – whether that particular problem or other ones? ¬†Please let me know in the comments to this post. I’m eager to get the blog working as well as possible but I’m just not that tech-savvy.

Thanks for your help, and I apologize for any improper/non-working functionality.


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  1. This has happened to me twice, The subscribing to follow up comments and then not being notified of them. Most recently was yesterday. That’s okay I lurk way to much on your blog, so i stumbled upon them to see what other people were saying. but since i know you watch your stats, i really should close my browser tabs more. ha!

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